Our solutions are comprised of easily scalable hardware and software components designed for both shore and on-board use. These systems are key to providing situational awareness for maritime stakeholders, such as Coast Guards and Navies, Maritime Authorities, Offshore Operators and Port Operators. Below are some examples of our most utilized solutions.

AIS Coastal Monitoring & Traffic Coordination
Ports, Oil & Gas terminals
A comprehensive monitoring and surveillance solution can be built and scaled based on each individual site and coverage area.
Using a variety of technologies, the managing authority can identify specific vessels, their cargo and route, and communicate efficiently using the VHF data link.  An increase in safety and collision avoidance is achieved as a more complete picture of the current situation is provided.

AIS Airborne
Coastal Surveillance, SAR, UAVs
By utilizing AIS technology and data, situational awareness is greatly enhanced due to the aircraft’s extended VHF range. The dedicated VHF data link provides reliable information exchange between AIS equipped shore stations, off-shore platforms, vessels and aircrafts.

Vessels can be identified, monitored and tracked from the aircraft. Also, the aircraft position can be monitored from shore or platform. A combination of airborne specific AIS hardware and software components creates the solution.

AIS Offshore
Platforms, SBMs, Windfarms
By utilizing AIS technology and data, situational awareness for offshore structures is greatly enhanced.  Vessel traffic can be monitored and tracked, and vessels identified from shore-based operation centers and the platform itself.

The dedicated VHF data link provides reliable communication between AIS equipped shore, platforms, vessels and aircraft’s. With aircraft’s extended VHF range, the overall situational view is even more enhanced.

AIS AtoN Monitoring
Maritime Authorities, Ports, AtoN operators

The AIS aids to navigation (AtoN) product standard was developed with the ability to broadcast the positions and names of objects other than vessels, such as navigational aid, marker positions and dynamic data. 

AtoN’s enable authorities to remotely monitor the status of a buoy, as well as transmit live data from sensors (such as weather and sea state) located on the buoy, back to vessels and local authorities.

The AtoN standard also permits the transmission of ‘Virtual AtoN’ positions whereby a single device may transmit messages with a position such that an AtoN marker appears on an electronic chart, even though a physical AtoN may not be present at that location.

AIS Seabed Infrastructure Protection
Submarine Cables, pipelines, installations
AIS information can be used by owners of marine seabed infrastructure, such as cables or pipelines, to monitor the activities of vessels close to their assets in real time. This information can then be used to trigger alerts to inform the owner and potentially avoid an incident where damage to the asset might occur.

Saving the received AIS data can prove crucial for accident investigation since it provides accurate historical data on time, identity, position, compass heading, course over ground, speed, and rate of turn, rather than the less accurate information provided by radar.

Other projects
e.g. Aquaculture, Fishery monitoring, Marine Environmental Protection and research

For other projects and bespoke solutions please contact us for further details.

Custom Solutions

ICAN has built strong relationships with all customers by offering complete customization to our products to meet your unique requirements. We build strong relationships with our customers by learning their requirements and adding the necessary utility to our product line. Our products include a strong list of features that act as a stable base for adding customized functionality.

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